In making "burden" I wanted to tell the story of man travelling through the time scale of life, being weighed down by negative experiences. The accumulation of these creates a feeling of carrying a heavy load.
        The man clad in stones is a metaphor through which I seek to engage the viewer on physical, emotional, and intellectual levels.  Once inside the installation area the viewer is prompted to relieve the performer's burden by removing a stone off his body and placing it on the wall.  The viewer is made to understand that, through this action, he also has an opportunity to relieve his own burden.  The white wall in back of the performer is lined with words expressing three concepts:  regret, resignation, and trepidation. By breaking a barrier, removing a stone from a live performer, and placing it on a wall, the viewer makes a transference from the realm of sensation to the realm of cognition.  As the performance progresses, hundreds of stones are removed from the human body and placed on the wall.

        This installation was the first in a series exploring the concept of "root experience."  A performance, which through engaging senses, feelings, and thoughts simultaneously, seeks to create a flash signal during which, we are sent to the roots of our experience as human beings, where physical sensations, emotions, and cognition are of equal value - inseperable, where we come face to face with what humanity is.