the next question was,
how to create a space
which will underscore
the message,
focus the viewers attention?

I wanted the viewer
to feel that he is entering
 a holy space,
an environment which makes
him forget the place from
which he had entered.
I wanted him to think
of the woman's space
as intimate, a sacrum.
I needed to create a "wow" area
from which the viewer could
see the performer in full perspective
with full benefit of the spacial design.
Then, I wanted to make sure
that when the viewer comes close to the woman,
he knows he is entering her private area.
The area needed to be round, but more than that ,
 I needed a clear signal attacking the viewer's senses.
I thought of creating an entrance representational
of the Life Save itself, a super sized Life Saver
through which the the viewer would pass.
As he  passed, the girl would let out a sensual sigh
 letting him know
 that he is entering her, 
a jolt
through him,
removing  the barrier between
 him and art.